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September 2015


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Wilderness is the natural space unmodified by the human being where the wild life has followed its course since the beginning of times. Lapland has wide wilderness surfaces and walk across them is always a genuine encounter with the nature.

On September, 2015 Norwegian Polar Academy organizes the Wilderness Course (do not confuse with survival course) in the Norwegian Lapland.

The plan is as follows. We are going to travel on foot and we will sail on packraft (lightweight inflatable embarkations of about two kilos) from Karasjok, samis’ capital, to Alta. We are going to cross on foot the Finnmark’s plateau, the biggest Lapland’s plain, and from there we are going to find the Alta River and its magnificent canyon.

The Alta River is one of the most beautiful and emblematic places of the Norwegian Lapland. It is a short and narrow river with see-through waters, which flows in between of the deepest North Europe’s canyon, suitable for novice sailors. It is also salmons, reindeers, moose, foxes and eagles’ habitat.

The journey is going to be 140 kilometres on the first week of September. At this period of the year, autumn is already set in Lapland and at night, if we are lucky, we will be able to see the first northern lights drawn in the sky.

We are going to travel with only the necessary equipment and on our way I will be able to show you the best way to carry it, what to use, how to dress, what and how to cook in the nature, how to camp, orientation and a lot more.

Once we arrive to the river, we will inflate the packrafts and during two days we will descend the Alta River to the sea. The landscape we are going to see is extraordinary: lush forests in Karsjok, tundra in Finnmark and the Alta Canyon, the deepest in North Europe.

Practical information

  • The first week of September is the perfect period to enjoy the wilderness as the autumn and its colours is settled in Lapland. Agreeable temperatures during the day of around 18ºC and of 0ºC at night. 15 hours daylight.
  • We can travel light in complete autonomy and combine the on foot-trip across the vegetation with the navigation on packraft through the Alta River, with some rapids of class II, suitable for beginners
  • Possibility of sailing on packrafts, wonderful to move around the wilderness.
  • Learn how to move around the forests, plains and rivers from Lapland and a lot of tricks and techniques to be able to move efficiently.
  • A week-long trip full of experiences.
  • The plan is to sleep in tents. Nevertheless, we have the possibility to sleep in cabins in the Finnmark’s plain if necessary.
  • The landscapes are breathtaking and very varied. We can see samis on our way as well as specific fauna and flora from high Norwegian latitudes.
  • Arrival and departure from Alta and only one transfer to Karasjok, capital city of the Norwegian Lapland full of story about the Sami people.
  • Cheap flights from many European cities to Alta with SAS and Norwegian.


How to arrive to Alta:

Norwegian (norwegian.no) is cheap and qualitative with flights with connection from and to the most important European airports and Oslo.

Once you are in Oslo the best option is to fly to Alta with Norwegian or SAS.

Meals during the course

All meals are included.

Who organizes the course?

Norwegian Polar Academy, a Norwegian company, property of Jose Mijares. It provides the legal coverage to hold the course.

Light hours during the course


Usefulness of the course

The course is a future investment; you can learn from the trial-mistake method or learn all the tricks and save time and money. Furthermore, the journey done during the course is going to be an incredible experience.

What should I bring?

Basically, the personal clothing (thermal tights, thermal shirts, fleece, windbreaker jacket, trousers or windproof bib, thin and thick gloves or mittens, hat, sunglasses, wool socks). If you have a feathers’ jacket or Primaloft, don’t leave it at home. Hiking boots. Sticks. Sleeping bag with Temp. Comfort -8ºC, sleeping mat and camping utensils. A good frontal lantern is important.


If you are interested and would like to know more information, you can contact us on: cursos@josemijares.com


Payment conditions Inscriptions and refunds

The registration requires an advance of the 40% of the total amount and issue the receipt where specified the advanced amount and the name of the chosen course. The rest of the amount should be paid at least 25 days before the beginning of the course.

If the participant doesn’t proceed to the second payment in the due time, we understand he/she is not interested anymore in the chosen course and he/she will receive the 100% of the amount back minus the expenses of the bank transfer, if there would be any.

Bank details:

  • Jose Mijares
  • IBAN: NO75 64430508413


Cancelation policy

Penalization of the 5% of the 40% advanced amount if the cancelation is done between 30 and 25 days before the beginning of the course.

Penalization of the 10% of the 40% advanced amount if the cancelation is done between 25 and 10 days before the beginning of the course.

Penalization of the 25% of the 40% advanced amount if the cancelation is done between 10 and 4 days before the beginning of the course.

Penalization of the 40% of the 40% advanced amount if the cancelation is done 48 hours before the beginning of the course.

The participant is able to pass the reservation to a 3rd person.



1150 euros

Minimum 4 people, maximum 6 people


  • Transfer Alta-Karasjok
  • On tour meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner based on liofood and appetizers)
  • Packraft, life vest and oar.
  • Camping equipment (Kitchen and tent)
  • Guide during the journey



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