Curso de Fotografia de Auroras Boreales y aventura en condiciones extremas

February 2015


  • Next Course: From the 23rd February to the 1st March
  • Length: 7 complete course days (8 accommodation days)
    The course participants have an extra accommodation night (before or after the course) without any additional cost.
  • Groups: Minimum 3 people. Maximum 7 people.


The photography course aims to treat all the topics according to the picture-taking in the Arctic. From the problems related with the cold weather, to the exposition techniques to take snow pictures and all the necessary tricks related with the night pictures.

From the house, we are going to plan the night trips with the use of various applications, which will make us aware of where are the moon and the Milky Way, essential for this kind of pictures. Once we know all this information we will be ready to hunt the Northern Lights.

From the established plan we are going to treat all the tricks to shoot at night. We will learn how to use hyperfocal distance to focus at night, flash and lanterns to support the scene and how to shoot so the images are not blurry.

In the mornings, we are going to watch night images and snow projections and, of course, a selection of our own pictures so we can do “questions time”. We believe that learning how to compose and comparing projects with the colleagues is very enriching.

We are going to work on time-lapse creation learning how to plan the number and space between the different shots.

Finally, we are going to treat the postproduction. We are going to edit with lightroom and we will apply Photoshop on some of the pictures taken during the course. You will be able to take these pictures with you as example of what you have learnt in the course.

What should we bring?

It’s indispensable to bring a tripod and a reflex or semi reflex camera with manual functions. The camera must have a “Bulb” manual position, this way we will be able to do exposition for as long as we need.

We highly recommend bringing a shutter release cable even though we will learn how to solve the lack of it. In order to access the camera buttons and the settings in the darkness, we are going to need a frontal lantern or a small lantern (not too powerful so we will not bother our colleagues). It is going to be very useful to compose and focus.

Having the weather and lighting conditions considered we are going to treat all the course content. At the same time, we are going to do as many trips as we consider, with the Norwegian Polar Academy vehicle, to find the best northern lights and the most breathtaking Arctic scenarios.

During the course we are going to do a two-day-excursion to the North Cape. We are going to sleep in tents so we can take advantage not only from taking pictures of northern lights but of the whole arctic atmosphere around us. It is not necessary to be an expert to move around in the Mageroya’s plateau and the journeys are never going to be longer than 15km per day. The climate in the plateau is moderate regardless of the latitude, so we will rarely find temperatures below -10ºC.


Price: 1.350 euros

The course price includes all the theoretical and practical lessons, accommodation in double room in Honningsvag, Internet access and kitchen use. Furthermore, all the needed transportation for the described course activities is included.

The curse price does not include flights and meals.

IMPORTANT: the course participants should bring warm clothes, skis or snowshoes and sleeping-bag. It is NOT necessary to bring tent, kitchen nor pulkas.

Norwegian Polar Academy House


How to arrive to Honningsvag:

Norwegian (norwegian.no) is cheap and has qualitative flights with connection from and to the most important European airports and Oslo.

Once you are in Oslo the best option is to fly to Alta with Norwegian or SAS and from Ata take the bus to Honningsvag (200km). The buses company is BOREAL.NO. Another option is to fly directly from Oslo to Honningsvag with Wideroe. A realistic price roundtrip would be of 500 euros.

Example flights for February

Example flight 1

Example flight 2

Example flight 3


Example bus

On February there are two buses from Alta at 06:48 and at 14:48 (There are various departures including the airport) to Honnignsvag. The trip is 3 hours 47 minutes. On the 2nd March the bus from Honningsvag to Alta leaves at 06:40 and arrives at 10:35.

Who organizes the course?

Norwegian Polar Academy, a Norwegian company, property of Jose Mijares. It provides the legal coverage to hold the course.

Light hours during the course


Usefulness of the course

The course is a future investment; you can learn from the trial-mistake method or learn all the tricks and save time and money. Or what is the same, start by doing professional pictures.

What should I bring?

Apart from the photographic equipment...
Basically, the personal clothing (thermal tights, thermal shirts, fleece, windbreaker jacket, trousers or windproof bib, thin and thick gloves or mittens, hat, sunglasses and goggles, wool socks). If you have a feathers’ jacket or Primaloft, don’t leave it at home. Boots to walk with rackets and rackets. Skiing sticks. If you have skis, bring them with the proper boots. Sleeping bag with Temp. Comfort -15ºC, sleeping mat and camping utensils. A good frontal lantern is important. The Mageroya Island has a moderate climate with average temperatures but we normally have wind. Comfortable clothes and house-shoes to feel at home are recommended.


Where are we going to live?

We are going to live in the Polar Academy House, a 160m2 house divided in two floors with 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and an equipped kitchen and a lectures room. The house has washing machine and dryer. You also have access to high speed internet.

Who is going to impart the course?

The curse is imparted by Roberto Iván Cano.



If you are interested and would like to know more information, you can contact us on: cursos@josemijares.com


Payment conditions Inscriptions and refunds

The registration requires an advance of the 40% of the total amount and issue the receipt where specified the advanced amount and the name of the chosen course. The rest of the amount should be paid at least 25 days before the beginning of the course.

If the participant doesn’t proceed to the second payment in the due time, we understand he/she is not interested anymore in the chosen course and he/she will receive the 100% of the amount back minus the expenses of the bank transfer, if there would be any.

Bank details

  • Jose Mijares
  • IBAN: NO75 64430508413


Cancelation policy

Penalization of the 5% of the 40% advanced amount if the cancelation is done between 30 and 25 days before the beginning of the course.

Penalization of the 10% of the 40% advanced amount if the cancelation is done between 25 and 10 days before the beginning of the course.

Penalization of the 25% of the 40% advanced amount if the cancelation is done between 10 and 4 days before the beginning of the course.

Penalization of the 40% of the 40% advanced amount if the cancelation is done 48 hours before the beginning of the course.

The participant is able to pass the reservation to a 3rd person.



Photos: Roberto Iván Cano
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