Curso de Wilderness
Wilderness is the natural space unmodified by the human being where the wild life has followed its course since the beginning of times. Lapland has wide wilderness surfaces and walk across them is always a genuine encounter with the nature... More information

September 2015

Polar expedition techniques & progression on Arctic terrains

Mageroya Island, located at 71º North, displays some remarkable geographic and climatic features: frozen lakes, ice-free fjords, huge virgin planes and a complete Arctic ecosystem. The place provides a perfect scenario to camp and ski on Polar conditions, yet under slightly milder temperatures due to the influence of the warm Gulf current.... More informaction

12 - 18 de February 2016 - No vacancies 21 - 27 de February 2016 - New

Curso de Fotografia de Auroras Boreales y aventura en condiciones extremas
The photography course aims to treat all the topics according to the picture-taking in the Arctic. From the problems related with the cold weather, to the exposition techniques to take snow pictures and all the necessary tricks related with the night pictures. More information

February 2016




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